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Phase I ESA:
More than a cursory examination of a specific property, the Phase I ESA is a detailed review of historical and current use of a site in order to accurately assess the likelihood of the need for further investigation and/or remediation of a specific property.

The process of a Phase I ESA ensures that very specific criteria are directly addressed. Historical records related to the site are accessed and reviewed, with particular attention to previous uses of the subject property, and uses of adjacent properties. The collected data is noted in the ESA report. This step includes the assessor making a site inspection upon which the assessor will look for specific signs of potential contamination that may or may not have been previously documented. Adjacent properties will also considered if it is deemed that they may have some influence on the environmental condition of the specific property.

Upon completion of the records review and site inspection, the assessor will prepare a comprehensive report on the specific property, including recommendations for further inspection and remediation if necessary.