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Large-scale real estate transfers are becoming an increasingly complex process. Elford Consulting provides the sage counsel borne of lengthy experience in all facets of real estate transactions. We bring in-depth knowledge of the local market and coming trends, and a thorough understanding of the various financial, administrative, mechanical and legal factors into sharp focus on your behalf. Elford Consulting can enhance or reshape your strategic plan involving acquisition, development, disposal and mortgage financing.

Due Diligence Audits are made easier with Elford Consulting. Our specialized expertise and in-depth knowledge of influencing factors can benefit your decision-making process. Acquisitions, land development, disposal and mortgage financing are challenges made simpler with our counsel.

Certain real estate decisions may seem straightforward, but they can have major impacts on your company’s success, particularly with respect to real estate development. Elford Consulting will assist with a Market Study designed to identify factors likely to contribute to the hardship or success of a real estate development. A thorough and meticulous approach to examining all of the crucial aspects of your project will assist in making appropriately informed business decisions.

For absentee owners or investors, an Annual Value Review is an attractive way to stay abreast of factors influencing the market; it can be difficult and time-consuming to track local market conditions and rental rates from afar. Elford Consulting can help you stay on top of your operating costs and capitalization, as well as track current mortgage rates. We can provide forecasting to help you control these variables and plan for future changes.

Elford Consulting’s professionals can act as consultants, mediators or arbitrators in legal matters involving real estate. Municipal taxation; expropriation; tax assessment notices; verification of recoverable operating expenses; establishment of rental rates according to lease types; Municipal Assessment Reviews – Elford Consulting can assist you in any of these situations.

Real estate assets do not have any static value in time. Fluctuations in value may be attributed to the economic context as well as the conditions of the building itself. Numerous factors involved in the valuation process could produce varying conclusions. It is increasingly difficult to distinguish between a market value and a standardized value on the municipal assessment roll.
Only experienced analysts are capable of issuing opinions of value based on the highest professional standards. Our role is to assist you throughout a process that includes:

  • Negotiating value in connection with a pre-assessment;
  • Performing a preliminary analysis of the fairness of the approach used to challenge a municipal assessment;
  • Providing support for any request to review the municipal assessment roll;
  • Negotiating an agreement with the municipal assessment department;
  • Providing support to prepare the initial claim;
  • Acting as mediator and taking part in any hearings.

Elford Consulting can simplify the most complex matters. To find out more, please contact us.